Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chutneys Indian Fast Food

A review of Tacos La Flama is coming, but for today we'll talk about its neighbor, Chutneys Indian Fast Food. The idea of Indian fast food is great. I love Indian food and am frequently in a rush. However, I already have a favorite Indian restaurant (Nizam) which has a lunch buffet for $7.99 and you can eat that pretty quickly, too. I went into this ready for a new place, but Chutneys didn't win the challenge. I don't imagine myself going back unless Nizam is closed for some reason.
The above picture is what Rachel ordered. They do have a lot of vegetarian options, so yay for that. Nevertheless, I don't think she enjoyed her meal. Perhaps she will weigh in in the comments.
I ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala. Overall, it was satisfying, but it wasn't great. The sauce was too watery and oily--which you can see in the above picture was kinda grossly separating as it sat there. Also, there wasn't enough chicken in it. It did come with an ample amount of rice and salad and naan for quite a reasonable price. It was also very speedy. Their restaurant name is, indeed, correct. But it just wasn't good enough.

The 0% juice Lemonade was also a bit disconcerting. ;-)

The restaurant has a Barrington address but its door faces Pico, so it still counts.

Chutneys Indian Fast Food
2406 S Barrington Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Beware, the parking lot is a disaster.


Anonymous said...

I use to go to Chutney's atleast once a week because the food is so good there, but was disgusted with the place and the owner on my last visit there. The last time I was there waiting for my food, I noticed the owner who was handling the cash at the register, did not wash his dirty hands before he grab my salad from the salad bin. I then went up to speak to the owner about what I witness before my eye. He responded with a little chuckle and said I know.....what does that mean? "I know" I did not get an apology nor a new salad. Being a owner, you would think that you want the customer to come back, so you would atleast be apologetic, but he was not one bit. I am reporting him to the better business Bureau and food and drug admistration. IF he doesn't shape up, I will close him down!

bgod said...

Ya i agree with the above comments though you forget its cheep!!!
Really dam cheep for indian food on the westside. Its not the greatest but actually get the food to go and you get a little bit more than when you eat-in. The owner guy who is there during the week is a bit of a fool and doesnt have the greatest customer service. Also its got a really bad design the sausce counter is right infront of the Cash register and theres a huge space next to the soda machine where that should go but I bet they got caught by the heath department for not having a propper sneeze-guard and had to modify things..obviously a botch job just to pass inspection. They got several lunch specials and they all are good enough if you want some fast indian. The place can be pretty packed full so it cant be bad at all. The only problem I have is the SaagPanner where when you get a full order you only get 3or4 pieces of cheeze and thats reallly dissapointing... Oh and the Naan is made more like a tortilla than a regualar Naan but when you order the naan seperate fron the special the dude actually makes it correcly so there just some lazy stoners. I still eat there once a week Its good! And with todays economy its the right price just remember to get it to-go.