Monday, July 28, 2008

La Serenata Gourmet

Let me preface this post by saying that this was previously my favorite restaurant. I loved it and had been there tens of times, including on several birthdays, before this most recent visit. This fact is what makes it so hard to accept the horrible service and mediocre food I received.However, the chips are pretty good. Make sure to get some of the tomatillo salsa (it's free; just ask for it) and mix it with the regular salsa for a fantastic and delicious flavor combination. Even though I had to ask four times to get it on this last visit, it is worth the hassle!I always order the same thing - crispy chicken tacos. They usually (I hate that I have to include 'usually' in all my claims about this restaurant ) have a superb mixture of textures. The crunchy outer shell perfectly envelopes the soft chicken, fresh lettuce, and slightly spicy pico de gallo. On this visit, there was also some cheese. This is unusual and didn't add anything to the taste. The accompanying rice is also usually quite delicious, although they rotate through different kinds. On this trip, the rice had some vegetables in it, such as corn. A couples others I regularly encountered were mint rice and one that seemed garlic-infused. My friend ordered the sopes and enjoyed them.
The decor is quite regal, as well. Try to bypass the first room and sit in the main space for views of the street and beautiful chandeliers such as the one pictured above.

La Serenata Gourment
10924 W Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
310| 441-9667


NikkiCZ said...

Hi! I found your website while searching for reviews of Tandoor India on Pico. Great idea! We just moved here and are always looking for good places to eat nearby. A couple other fabulous places are Gilbert's El Indio and Valentino's. Not that we need to talk about yet another Mexican restaurant around here... LOL BUT, Gilbert's is really good. It's at 2526 Pico. It looks like a total hole in the wall and we went on recommendation of our neighbor. It's tiny, and usually a full house. If you want something a little fancier, there's Valentino's at 3115 Pico. Apparently this place is run by the "grandfather of Italian food in America." We got the Chef's Tasting menu (which ran about $85 each) but you can get stuff off the menu, too. It was the most amazing Italian food I've ever had. Not somewhere you'd go if on a budget, but if you're a foodie and want to have a real night out eating, it's a great place. We're hoping to go once every couple months. Good luck blogging & eating!!

neonspecs said...

Thanks for reading! I have been to Gilbert's and like it, yes. I am quite behind on these reviews! Your comment is encouraging though!

Chicken said...

Are you still doing this? I just found the Jonathan Gold segment from This American Life re: eating his way along Pico Boulevard - were you inspired by that?

I live further east off Pico between Fairfax and La Brea, which has for a long time been almost exclusively auto body shops. But, over the past few years, more neighborhood gems for food lovers have opened. If you're over this way, check out:

La Maison du Pain
An unbelievable French bakery run by the friendliest Filipino family. Go for breakfast on Saturday morning and I'll see you there.

Bloom & Chic
Across the street from each other, and owned by the same Frenchman, they're great.

Sky's Tacos
The original soft tacos will become a habit.


neonspecs said...

I am still eating on Pico. I unfortunately have gotten very behind on writing about those restaurants, however. I actually hadn't heard about Jonathan Gold's trek until very recently. Do you have a link to that? I'd love to hear it. Thanks for your recommendations. I'll try to check those out.